2012 “Our Children Sing” Program

Lady Liberty

The Our Children Sing Committee held its annual event on September 8, 2012 at 2:00 pm in the Bing Wong Auditorium of the Norman F. Feldheym Library. The Our Children Sing Committee was created at the bequest of the late Mrs. Alice Page. Following the September 11th attacks, Mrs. Page wanted to create an annual program to remember the tragedy and to promote peace, education and all things that build a positive community. The Our Children Sing Committee has done so and every year has chosen an organization, group, etc. that embodies the ideals Mrs. Page so cherished. This year, the committee has chosen to honor the San Bernardino City Public Library. Per the Committee's Chair, Ms. Vicki Lee, "The outstanding ongoing commitment the libraries have shown to the community throughout the years has helped create an environment within the library system of peace, safety, and learning." Ms. Deborah K. Clark will be accepting the honor on behalf of the Library representing all branches around 3:00 pm.

Staff Members
Left to Right: Terrance Stone (CEO of Young Visionaries), Vicki R. Lee,
Joyce E. Payne, Deborah K. Clark, Paula J. Miller, and Elder Larry Ealy