2012 Springtime Soiree

On May 3rd, the SBCL Foundation hosted their 2nd Springtime Soiree event at the Fox Theater. Attendees were treated to food and drink stations, casino tables, a photo booth, live music, an author signing, a dance performance, prizes and more. Over $16,000 was raised for the Foundation's "New Materials for Our Ever-Changing World" fundraiser. Special thanks to the sponsors, donors, attendees, committee members, volunteers and to each and every one who ensured the evening was a "dream" to remember.


Happy dreams to "June Clark" (pictured below on the left) winner of the Grand Prize Drawing for a $4,000 Dream Vacation and Ms. Deborah Clark, Interim Library Director.

Soiree Attendees

Proceed benefits included:

Acquisition of Brodart books for the Library

Children including Spanish with Amazon Grant of $2,500 totaling to $4,500

General Collection (Best Sellers, Fiction, Non-Fiction) including Spanish totaling to $9,000

Large Print including Spanish totaling to $3,000

Teen including Spanish with Amazon Grant of $2,500 totaling to $4,500

Night at the Speakeasy

Speakeasy Artwork

ASU Fox Theater

Speakeasy Attendees

Speakeasy Attendees

Amazing Food

Table Centerpiece

Speakeasy Attendee

Speakeasy Chefs

Speakeasy Appetizers

Casino Tables

Game Table

Game Table with Players

Cigars...Cigarettes....Candy that is!


Candy Cigars and Cigarettes


Raffle and Live Auction

Speakeasy Raffle

Auction Table

A Singer and the Dancers

Speakeasy Singer

Speakeasy Dancers

The Author

Speakeasy Attendees

The Photo Booth - SMILE!

Speakeasy Photobooth

Speakeasy Photo Booth

Speakeasy Photobooth

Speakeasy Photobooth

Speakeasy Photobooth

Speakeasy Photobooth